What are the specific steps to use the universal socket wrench?


General households will have toolboxes, socket wrenches […]

General households will have toolboxes, socket wrenches, pliers and other tools. When something in the house is broken or any part is loose, you can fix it by yourself, which saves the effort of going to a repair shop and has a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, people who know how to maintain some commonly used machinery and equipment are always particularly attractive, and they are really attractive when they work hard.
But some are not professionals, and some tools still don't know how to use them. For example, socket wrenches, which are the most commonly used hardware equipment in the auto repair industry, are very useful for us to repair equipment in our lives. Today I will share with you how to use socket wrenches.
(1) According to the specifications of the twisted part, put the wrench head on the twisted part;
(2) Choose the appropriate handle according to the location of the twisted piece;
(3) Before twisting, the handle joint must be installed stably to exert force to prevent slipping off and hurting people;
(4) The force should be steady when twisting the handle, and the direction of the force should be perpendicular to the center axis of the twisting component.