What are the advantages and precautions for use of the Allen wrench?


The hardness and strength of the Allen wrench are great […]

The hardness and strength of the Allen wrench are greatly improved after being quenched during production. When using an Allen wrench, choose the size of the Allen Bolt, and insert the Allen wrench fully into the Allen Bolt and apply even force.
In addition, there are many precautions when using the Allen wrench:
The adjustable wrench consisting of a wrench body, a fixed jaw, a movable jaw and a worm is a universal wrench. The opening size of this wrench can be adjusted within a certain range, but a large-sized wrench cannot be used to tighten the smaller-sized screws, which will cause the screws to break due to excessive torque. When using an Allen wrench, the opening should be adjusted according to the screw type, and the gap should not be too large, otherwise the screw head or nut will be damaged, and it will easily slip and cause injury.
Allen wrenches are a kind of special wrenches. Open wrenches and socket wrenches are also called special wrenches. The single-headed special wrench can only screw one size screw head or nut, and the double-headed wrench can only screw two size screw heads or nuts. When using a dead-end wrench, make sure that the opening of the wrench is matched with the screwed part before applying force; when using the socket wrench, it must be contacted before applying force; when using the allen wrench, pay attention to selecting the appropriate specification and model to prevent slippage. Hurt hands.
The Allen wrench can be widely used and become an indispensable manual tool in the manufacturing industry. It has many advantages in itself:
The production cost is low, the operation is simple and easy to use; there are six contact surfaces between the hexagon socket screw and the wrench, which are fully stressed and not easy to damage; both ends of the wrench can be used, which can be used to screw the screw in the deep hole; the hexagon socket wrench Its diameter and length determine its torsion force, it can be used to screw very small screws, very practical.ratchetspanner.com