What are the uses and technical characteristics of the open-ended hexagon wrench?


Screws are the main fasteners in mechanical equipment. […]

Screws are the main fasteners in mechanical equipment. The open-ended hexagon wrench is an important tool for processing, production and maintenance in the mechanical industry. This project is a revolution of traditional wrench tools. It has the following advantages.
1. It can work quickly, the working speed is three to four times faster than the traditional wrench, and the working speed is faster than the fast wrench.
2. An open-end hexagon wrench can be used for 2-6 kinds of screws, while a double-ended open-end wrench is only suitable for 2 kinds of screws.
An open hexagonal wrench is equivalent to 2-3 open wrenches, which is equivalent to an adjustable wrench but can work quickly without adjusting the opening.
3. It has a long service life and cannot be broken, and the front quick wrench is easy to break.
4. The manufacturing process is simple, and its cost is lower than that of a dead wrench.
5. Lightweight, easy to carry, and labor-saving.
Surface treatment of open hexagon wrench
1. Bright chrome: bright like a mirror;
2. Chromite: dull;
3. Electrophoresis: black, bright, under the action of external direct current, the charged particles move towards the cathode or anode in the dispersed medium force to promote the separation of substances;
4. Phosphating: black, but with a dark gloss, immersing the substance in the phosphating solution, and deposits on the surface of the toilet to form a layer of crystalline phosphorus that is insoluble in water, which is the process of hydrochloric acid conversion;
5. Gray nickel: It is a brand-new surface treatment method, which has strong anti-rust ability and will increase the service life of the product;
6. There are other treatments such as blackening, nickel-iron alloy, pearl nickel, black nickel and titanium plating.