What types of ratchet wrenches are there?


Ratchet spanners are tools that have interchangeable so […]

Ratchet spanners are tools that have interchangeable sockets. These sockets are cylindrical-shaped and designed to fit over the head of the fastener. They are also sized to reduce the risk of slipping. These tools are usually used with a ratchet.

Ratchet spanners come in two different types: shallow and deep. A shallow socket can fit into tight spaces, while a deep socket can reach the nut of a long bolt. The deep socket can also fit into recessed fasteners. Deep sockets are a good choice for recessed or protruding bolts.

Sockets range from 8 to 22 mm in size, and the head size changes with the socket. Some ratchet spanners have extension bars to reach fasteners that are too far away. They also have universal joints to allow you to access fasteners at different angles.

Ratchet spanners are used to access fastenings in difficult to reach places. They have two jaws that fit different sized fastenings. A ratchet wrench can also be used to reach fastenings in tight places.

Ratchet spanners are usually open-ended but can also be flare nut spanners. They work on the principle of a ratchet system to allow the fastener to turn in one direction without having to be removed from the fastener head. Unlike a ring spanner, a ratchet wrench does not need to be moved after reaching its limit of turning arc. The profiled head of the ratchet wrench is also used to line up holes to secure fastenings.

Ratchet spanners come in two varieties, cordless and manual. Cordless ratchets are battery-powered. They are mostly used in the automotive industry. There are also many different styles of sockets available for different applications. For instance, there are 6-point and 12-point sockets. Six-point sockets fit into the head of a wide variety of fasteners, while 12-point and universal sockets fit more fasteners. There are also other shapes of sockets, including octagonal, square and triple square.