What is the working principle of ratchet and its product application?


A ratchet is defined as a gear with a rigid tooth surfa […]

A ratchet is defined as a gear with a rigid tooth surface or friction surface on the outer or inner rim, and is an important component of the ratchet mechanism. It is moved step by step by the pawl pushing action. The characteristic of this meshing movement is that the ratchet wheel can only rotate in one direction, but cannot reverse.
The ratchet is the main component of the ratchet mechanism. The spring forces the pawl to maintain contact with the ratchet wheel. The rocker is hollow on the ratchet shaft, the pawl is mounted on the rocker, and the ratchet is fixedly connected to the driven shaft with a key.
When the driving member rocker swings counterclockwise, the driving pawl is inserted into the tooth groove of the ratchet wheel, pushing the ratchet wheel to rotate through an angle, at this time, the stop pawl slides on the tooth back of the ratchet wheel. When the driving member rocker swings clockwise, the stop pawl prevents the ratchet from rotating in the clockwise direction, while the driving pawl can slide on the back of the ratchet tooth, so the ratchet is stationary. In this way, when the rocker makes a continuous reciprocating swing, the ratchet makes a one-way intermittent movement. Among them, the reciprocating swing of the driving member can be obtained by a cam mechanism of a swing follower, a crank rocker mechanism, or a hydraulic transmission and an electromagnetic device.
1. Ratchet wrench. A quick wrench made using the principle of a ratchet mechanism. For example: ratchet wrench, ratchet hexagon wrench.
2. Industrial ratchet products. A manual screw tightening tool, single-headed, double-headed multi-specification movable handle ratchet wrench (fixed hole). It is connected by the main plum blossom sleeve and the secondary plum blossom sleeve of different specifications and sizes through the female key and the male key of the hinged key. Since a plum blossom sleeve has two specifications of plum blossom-shaped through holes, it can be used for tightening screws of two specifications, thereby expanding the scope of use and saving raw materials and labor costs. The movable trigger can easily adjust the use angle of the wrench. This kind of wrench is used for the tightening operation of screws, and has the characteristics of strong applicability, convenient use and low cost.
3. Ratchet (musical instrument) is a kind of percussion instrument. The principle is the same as the industrial ratchet wheel. It is equipped with a gear that can only rotate in one direction, and several thin wood chips are installed on the teeth. When the gear rotates, the tooth touches the thin wood chip to make it bend, and the wood chip rebounds back to its original position and touches the next tooth. During the friction and collision between the two teeth, the sound of "pop, pop" is produced.
The ratcheting effect, also known as the wheel-making effect, refers to the irreversibility of people's consumption habits after they are formed, that is, it is easy to adjust upwards but difficult to adjust downwards.