What is a combination wrench and what are its characteristics?


Wrench is one of the common hand tools in life, but as […]

Wrench is one of the common hand tools in life, but as market demand changes and increases, various wrenches play their own roles in different fields. A dual-purpose wrench is a common type of wrench. Since one end is the same as a single-ended open-ended wrench and the other end is the same as a torx wrench, it has two different functions.
A dual-purpose wrench is different from an open-end wrench. Both sides of it can be installed and removed, except that one side is open and the other side is closed. A wrench like this is designed by combining the advantages of the two types of wrenches, and has a huge advantage in the handling of some parts.
In terms of function, dual-use wrenches are more commonly used than other wrenches, and many processing industries need it. Open-end wrenches are different from box wrenches. Torx wrench is a type of wrench with an inner ring, which is very stable during installation and removal of screws. Torx wrenches need to fit all the wrenches into the screws, and then install and remove the screws. During the whole process, the wrenches are fastened in the screws. As long as the wrench is not damaged, it will be very stable during the whole use process, and the strength can be used to advantage.
Dual-purpose wrenches are divided into two types: metric and imperial. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, oil refining, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industries. It is a necessary tool for equipment installation, equipment and equipment maintenance and repair work.
The dual-purpose wrench is made of integral forging processing of No. 45 medium carbon steel or 40Cr alloy steel. When manufacturing, GB/T4392-1995 (percussion wrench and percussion wrench) is used as the manufacturing standard.
The dual-purpose wrench has the characteristics of reasonable design, stable structure, high material density, strong anti-shock ability, non-folding, continuous, non-bending, high dimensional accuracy, and durability.

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