What are the precautions for the use of socket wrenches?


The socket wrench is composed of a plurality of sockets […]

The socket wrench is composed of a plurality of sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve-angle holes and is equipped with handles, posts and other accessories. It is especially suitable for screwing bolts or nuts with very narrow positions or deep recesses. Socket wrenches are common household tools for maintenance.
Socket wrench specifications are generally different in domestic and foreign general calculation methods, and product specifications are different. In China, socket wrenches are calculated according to the domestic calculation unit, which is called the metric system, while in foreign countries, it is based on the United Kingdom. The unit of calculation shall prevail, and it is called the English system.
Although there are some omitted mantissas in the metric-imperial conversion, which leads to some differences in the size of the product specifications, generally speaking, it can still be universal.
The socket wrench is a cylindrical tool used to disassemble nuts or bolts, and the cross section of its inner surface is hexagonal. The inch size sleeve is increased by 1:16 inches and 1:32 inches in sequence; the metric size sleeve is increased by 1 cm. For car owners, a socket wrench is needed when disassembling tires or spark plugs.
When using a socket wrench, be sure to choose a socket that fits the nut or bolt completely. If a socket larger than the nut or bolt is used, it is easy to round the head of the nut or bolt during the rotation. .
When disassembling relatively tight wheel bolts, if a suitable extension rod is put on the sleeve handle, the rotating torque can be increased and the wheel bolts are easier to loosen. It should be noted that if you use the sleeve handle extension rod when tightening the wheel bolts, you must not use too much force to prevent the rotation torque from exceeding the bearing range of the nut or bolt, causing damage to the nut or bolt.